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Omnipage Professional 16 With Crack

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Omnipage 16 is the most accurate OCR software in the world. And the other two functions make it more powerful, they are star documents manager PaperPort and a professional industry-standard PDF creator. The astounding working speed and accuracy make it become the head absolutely.

The speed of this superior OCR software is up to 46% faster than the previous version. Free business professionals from manual cockamamie repetitive documents disposal process. Omnipage 16 is so amazing whatever you transform paper into digital files, convert a picture of a Word document into an audio file, or batch-create PDFs with advanced workflow technology.

Omnipage can turn documents and forms into more than 30 types office programs based on OCR and LFR technology, so as to deal with them to meet your needs. Just one click on your scanner or All-in-One device, you can transact large numbers of documents. It allow you to create PDF file, turn text documents into audio books and add digital signatures to your electronic documents.

OmniPage Main Features:

The most accurate OCR technology
OmniPage 16 has the most accurate OCR technology which confirmed by PC Magazine's independent lab.

Improved formatting, tables and more
Omnipage can maintain the look and text flow of the original page with both speed and accuracy.

Get better organized with PaperPort (included)
You can bring color images from PaperPort directly into OmniPage to speed up your processing workflow.

Create PDF file from any document
Create any number of searchable PDF files from any difital formats. Then you can create space-efficient and easily retrievable digital archives.

Create Audio file from digital paper
You can convert Paper and electronic documents into natural sounding audio files for playback or burning to CD.

Support all popular output file formats
Save your output file for any digital format with OmniPage 16. It supports all popular digital document formats.
OmniPage does so much more than optical character recognition (OCR), we could spend this whole page delving into its new capabilities and then add that. by Pc Magazine
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