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Upgrade Firmware Sierra Wireless Compass 885

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Need ClAN NINJA SAGA ? -Sierra Wireless Compass 885 USB Stick HSUPA Wireless Modem. HSUPA (High Speed Upload Packet Access). Wireless download speed up to 7.2 Mbps and upload to 2 Mbps (upgradeable to 5.76 Mbps) , microSD memory expansion slot , TRU-Install automatic software installation . Fully support All worldwide GSM operators (Dijamin bekerja baik dengan semua operator GSM). OS Compatible list : Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista & Mac OS.
Installation Instructions for USB Compass 885:
  1. Click the J1_0_1_17BT_J1_0_1_26BAP.exe file on the main support page. The File Download – Security Warning window opens.
  2. Click Save. The Save As dialog box opens.
  3. In the Save In field, select Desktop. Leave the file name as is and click Save.
  4. When the Download Complete window appears, click Close.
  5. Ensure that the modem is inserted in the computer.
  6. On the desktop, double-click the .exe file. The Open File – Security Warning window opens.
  7. Click Run. The Binary Update Tool window opens, automatically checks for the modem, and begins downloading the firmware.
  8. When the firmware upgrade is complete, click OK.
***Note: Do not remove the modem while the firmware is being downloaded and installed.
  • New effect:
  1. Signal Quality
  2. Low temperature
  3. Stable
  4. Download speed increas
Sierra Compass 885
Sierra Compass 885
Software Update:
Sierra Compass 885 (Firmware):
J1_0_1_17BT_J1_0_1_26AP.exe Version (10.01 MB) [2/19/2009]
B2176_Firmware_J1.0.1.26.dmg for MacOS
J1_0_1_31BT_J1_0_1_32AP.exe Version J1.0.1.32 (10.05 MB) [7/7/2009]
J2_0_0_6AP_Telstra.exe Version J2.0.0.6 (10.76 MB) [9/4/2009]
J1_0_1_17BT_J1_0_1_26BAP.exe Version (9.99 MB) [10/23/2009] <— New Firmware
Sierra AirCard 881U (Firmware):
(Please extract File AC881U_F1_2_3_15ap.exe and find this file Enable_GPS_CAT5.exe, and double click for GPS Enable.)


Compass 885/88x have a microSDHC reader capable of reading microSD cards with a capacity of up to 32 GB.
However, given the current microSDHC cards available in the market, we have successfully tested 4 GB microSDHC – Class 4 cards from manufactures such as SanDisk, PQI and Apacer.
Verifying the signal strength
To display the signal strength (RSSI), hold the Option key down and click the WWAN icon. The signal strength is shown in the first line.
RSSI Guidelines
-50 to -80 dBm: Very good
-80 to -90 dBm: Good
-90 to -100 dBm: Low
You may require an external antenna if the signal is low.

Feature Modem

The TRU-Flow solution solves the data throughput problem during simultaneous UL and DL transfers regardless of application,
and minimizes Round-Trip-Time (RTT). It continually monitors IP traffic, RTT, and data throughputs, implementing a patent-pending algorithm to ensure the fastest possible throughput. The TRU-Flow solution is independent of the technology used for the WWAN connection (CDMA, UMTS, etc.), and can be added to most WWAN network devices.
When a user attempts simultaneously UL and DL data transfers, overall data throughput can be significantly reduced. The TRU-Flow solution is designed to solve this problem.
The following figures show that the DL speed more than doubled during simultaneous DL and UL transfers when using the TRU-Flow solution.

No TRU-Flow Solution
No TRU-Flow Solution

With the TRU-Flow Solution
With the TRU-Flow Solution

How to Enable/Disable the microSD memory expansion slot on the Compass 885 modem?
To Enable/Disable the microSD memory expansion slot on the Compass 885 modem, please follow the steps below:
1. Close the Compass modem connection software and all running applications/programs.
2. Click here to download the Enable/Disable SD Tool to your hard disk.
3. Run the tool.
4. On the Enable/Disable SD Tool, click to clear the Enable SD check box and click Continue.
5. Wait for the message “Modem configured correctly”
6. Click Exit. The microSD memory expansion slot will be disabled.


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