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Keyword attractiveness | Site Page Ranks Competition

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Need ClAN NINJA SAGA ? -Keyword attractiveness – You may be wondering at this point how you are going to optimize your site for more than 100 keyphrases. Well, stop worrying! We are now going to narrow down the target list substantially in the second D–A–D step, keyword attractiveness. Keyword attractiveness is all about balancing the demand for your chosen keywords against the number of competing sites supplying relevant results. Attractive keyphrases are those that are relatively underexploited – these are the phrases that pay. Imagine that SEO is like target practice, where you only have a certain amount of ammunition. There are several different targets you can shoot at, all at varying distances away from your gun sites. You are seeking bullseyes. Would you shoot at only one target, putting hole after hole through the bullseye? No! Would you aim at the targets furthest away from you and see round after round expended fruitlessly?
No! This analogy is in fact very apposite, as SEO is a very similar challenge.
You may think that you have an unlimited number of bullets. After all, you could create as many pages as there are variants in search terms and build as many links as the web will support. However, in practice
you are limited by your own time, the tolerance of your customers, and the Google spam filters. Your time is probably better spent running your business than sitting at your computer doing SEO into the small hours (that’s what people like me are for). Your customers are also unlikely to be impressed by hundreds of similar pages. Finally, Google does look actively for – and deflate the ranking of – sites with an excessive number of inbound links (links from other sites) relative to their traffic, or for time periods where the links to a site have grown much more quickly than one would naturally expect. So choose your targets carefully. Make sure you take the easier bullseyes on offer (where the target is close by). Similarly, spread your effort across a wide range of targets. Finally, do not give up on the faraway targets, but be mindful of how much ammunition you are using on them. Keyword attractiveness is the toolset you use to decide where to fire – and how often.

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